Storage Sheds 101

Storage sheds are simple wood, plastic or metal structures with roofs designed to protect items inside from the elements. However, garden sheds offer many benefits besides simple storage. From avid collectors to parents looking for some peace to households wanting to explore outdoor living space, a shed can fulfill many purposes.

You can transform a shed to fit your needs or interests. Depending on your budget, you can make a whole new room for your household. Find out how a renovated shed can give you more elbow space in your home as well as become your closest retreat.

Types of Storage Sheds

Extra Storage

The original purpose of storage sheds is in the name – storage. Depending on its size, you can store yard equipment from rakes to riding lawn mowers as well as seasonal items like decorations. Sheds can range from crate-size to the size of a room.

Garden sheds are great to store outside furniture when the weather turns. If you have a pool, then they are great to store cleaning and testing equipment. Smaller sheds can fit on apartment balconies and keep tools and other items you don’t want in closets protected and out of the way.

Extended Living

If you are feeling cramped in your home, then a wood shed could extend your living space to your backyard. By adding furnishings and decorations, as well as some paint and elbow grease, you can transform a shed into an outdoor room. 

For instance, you can turn your backyard into a tropical paradise by converting your shed into a bar surrounded by outdoor chairs and tiki torches. Other ideas you might consider:

  • A man cave is typically in a basement or garage. However, couples, specifically women, are now transforming sheds into private escapes in their backyards. A she shed is the female equivalent of a man cave and can be a quick haven from the home with some paint, comfy seating and creature comforts. 
  • A home office away from the chaos of your family can help you focus better if you work from home. By contracting an electrician, you can set up a workplace with modern features and privacy.
  • A guest suite made from a shed just needs the right features. Provide your friends and family with extra privacy when they stay over by insulating and installing a temperature system in a moderate-sized shed. Add a lighted walkway from the house so your guests can easily navigate in the evenings.
  • Themed rooms reflect your interests and hobbies. For instance, you can renovate a shed into a personal movie theater, artist studio or home gym. 

What to Consider Before Looking for Sheds for Sale

While storage sheds may fulfill your need for extra space or extended living, there are a couple of factors to consider before your purchase. For instance, while the cost of sheds for sale might be a strong deciding factor, it is important not to sacrifice quality. 

Before buying a shed to convert into your dream space, make sure to check with your homeowner’s association if part of an HOA property. Likewise, you may need to check with zoning laws if your structure is larger than a certain size or if you plan to place it within a specific distance of the property line. 

Your she shed, man cave or outside family room may need flooring or a foundation to make it feel more like a living space. Likewise, consider selecting one with windows and at an adequate height for a standing adult. 

You can purchase a shed made from the following materials:

Plastic – This material is low maintenance, as it is resistant to rot, insects and rust. Plastic sheds are also easy to move since they are low weight. However, they are not customizable like wood sheds.  
Wood – Wooden storage sheds are better purchases if you are interested in renovating them into living space. While they are strong and durable, rot and insects can damage wooden sheds if they are low quality. While they are more versatile, they are also more expensive than other options. 
Metal – Cheap and durable, metal sheds resistant to rot and insects but susceptible to rust. While you can customize these sheds to an extent, they are not as easily changed as wooden ones. 

Installing Storage Sheds

While a small storage container is a simple set up, larger sheds may require professional installation. This is especially true if you plan to make a she shed or some other room that requires a foundation. 

Make sure to consider placement before you build the shed, as it can be difficult to relocate once assembled. Likewise, make sure you have access to the entry of your shed to move items in and out as needed.