Shopping for Snow Removal Equipment

Winter is approaching and getting ahead of the need for new snow removal equipment is a smart way to be prepared for adverse weather. When is the best time to find special prices and sales on the gear you need?

What popular brands offer the best quality products? Show removal equipment includes everything from basic shovels to gas and electric powered snow blowers. It also includes actual snowplows and plow blades for use on larger private or small business properties. Read on for news about popular snow equipment brands, where to find special deals and the differences between gas/eco snow removal equipment.

Best Time for Special Deals on Snow Removal Equipment

There are varied opinions about when is the best time to take advantage of special deals on snow removal equipment. One concept indicates the best time of year to grab deals on snow throwers is in May and June.

This is the time of year manufactures announce incoming models. While getting the perfect model for your needs at a lower price sometimes requires waiting on backorders, much lower prices are frequently offered on pre-purchase orders. Discounted pre-purchase prices increase to in-season prices once winter begins.

Another concept indicates how buying in August, September and even early October helps acquire the best deals. Merchants stock limited supplies intentionally to create more demand. It is therefore unlikely ample snow removal equipment will be in stock in mid- winter at lower prices.

Finally, certain holidays are associated with larger sales and lower prices. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Memorial Day sales offer significantly discounted prices on countless items around the nation. Other holidays are also associated with deeply discounted promotions. Snow removal equipment is specifically seasonal, however, and many sales thought the calendar year do not include those types of items.

Types of Snow Removal Equipment Available This Winter

Types of snow removal equipment available this winter range from hand-held instruments to heavy machinery-based items. There are also numerous specialty items used to remove snow in unique situations. The most common and popular type of snow removal gear on the market is the snow blower/thrower. These machines are sometimes also called power shovels. They all do essentially the same thing, which is to help make snow removal from sidewalks and driveways more efficient and less exhausting. 

Benefits and Differences Between Gas Powered and Eco Snow Throwers

Transparent differences between gas powered and eco snow throwers include environmental impact and cost-efficiency. There are many other differences between the two types of equipment, however, and benefits to each. 

Eco snow throwers are quieter machines. They are also lighter and easier to maneuver. This makes them perfect for decks, patios, smaller sidewalks and driveways and even steps. They are less tiring to use and generally less expensive than gas powered snow throwers. 

Gas powered snow throwers are able to handle heavier duty jobs. They come as single stage or dual stage machines, each capable of handling different levels and types of snow with more efficiency. There are more single stage gas powered snow throwers made than any other type, mainly because consumer popularity and needs both match the specifications of these types of machines.

Popular Types & Brands of Snow Removal Equipment

There are unique snow removal products on the market this winter. Specialty items for specific removal scenarios are popular. Improved snow blower models are also popular both as gifts and among consumers looking to increase snow removal efficiency, while decreasing removal time. Certain brands are always popular and this year is no different. There is always room on the market for new companies, however, and a few new items are making their respective marks on consumers.

Snow Blowers/Throwers

Snow blowers/throwers are by far the most popular types of snow removal gear among consumers. Snow blowers take most of the labor and time out of snow removal, which is largely what makes them a must-have item every year. Whether gas powered or eco-friendly electric machines, consumer purchases of snow blowers rivals even those of hand-held shovels. The Power Smart DB5023 18-INCH 13 AMP Snow Thrower is a popular eco machine. The Troy-Bilt Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower is a popular gas powered snow blower among consumers in 2020.

Snow Plow Blades

Large properties require larger snow removal tasks. Consumers who live on farms or property spanning numerous acres frequently need to hitch snow plow blades to heavy-duty trucks or tractors to clear applicable areas. This is equally true for small business owners looking to save money on repeated outsourced snow removal expenses. Popular items this winter include the KFI Complete Plow/Winch Combo and the Home-Plow-by-Meyer.

Shovels and Ice Scrapers

These items are age-old basics but are still sold today because they work. Car windows ice over. Steps, driveways, sidewalks and porches all get covered with show and ice. There are some places too small or near delicate items for powered snow removal devices to be used. Hand held shovels have advanced in design to make shoveling easier on backs. Modern ice scrapers are also made of improved materials for better results. The SHARPER IMAGE Heated Ice Scraper helps melt ice while scraping it. Two popular shovels, DMOS The Alpha 2S Shovel and the Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01-RED Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel are both in stock on Amazon.

Rock Salt Spreaders

Rock salt helps melt ice and keep sidewalks and stairs safe. Carrying around a multi-pound bag of rock salt is draining, especially when having to walk on the ice to spread the salt. Rock salt spreaders function similarly to seed spreaders with gripped handles and easy-to-maneuver wheels. A popular unit in 2020 is the Chapin 80lbs Residential Salt Spreader.

Popular Snow Removal Specialty Items

There are several snow removal scenarios requiring specialty equipment to do the tasks at hand. Removing snow from rooftops is one such scenario. Reducing the amount of strain on your back is another. Specialty equipment is made for both these situations and more.

The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Cart w/Snow Plow makes showing and carrying snow easy to do with one piece of equipment. The device functions as a mini snowplow, lifting shoveled snow into a wheeled cart, which can be easily emptied. This Worx product is balanced, stable and has versatile functionality for mulching and moving rocks or logs during the three other seasons. 

The Avalanche! Original 500 with Slide Material reduces the time needed to remove snow off dangerous roofs by approximately thirty-three percent. This lightweight item is designed for asphalt shingled roofs and uses small roller wheels to stop ice and snow from damaging roofs and clogging gutters. The Original 500 snow roof rake is sixteen feet long and nearly one and a half feet wide, which allows for maximum efficacy with minimum physical effort.