Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean prevents costly damage, saving you time & money. Discover tips & information about keeping your gutters clean in .

There is no time of year when keeping your gutters clean is not important to the safety and value of your home. Every season creates reasons to check your gutters and make sure they are not clogged. Winter, spring, summer and fall all bring weather patterns and the possibilities of doing damage to your home’s gutter & drainage system. What are some popular methods of keeping your rain gutters clean? 

Homeowners with gutter guards and other gutter-protection systems might discover upgrades to the methods they are already using. New homeowners might be surprised at the importance of protecting a rain gutter system. Why is cleaning your gutters important? What are the most popular gutter and upgrade brands in ? Read ahead for tips and information about the best ways for keeping your gutters clean in .

Why is Cleaning Your Gutters Important?

Performing proper maintenance on your home might not be exciting. Home maintenance might cost money you would rather spend on entertainment. Certain types of home maintenance jobs are accepted as necessary by U.S. homeowners, but why is cleaning your gutters important?

Water damage is some of the most expensive and destructive damage caused to your home. Clogged and ineffective rain gutters cause water to pool in destructive ways around the base of your home. Pooled water on your lawn is capable of leaking into your basement and causing stains, damage to carpets/walls and even toxic mold. Pooled water in your gutters might also leak through your windows or roof. Water is also heavy.

Too much water pooled in your rain gutters might weigh enough to break your gutter support system or partially collapse your roof. Clogged gutters filled with leaves, twigs and debris attract undesirable animals to your property. An infestation of mice, insects and other creatures is possible when your gutters remain clogged for even short periods of time. What is the most important reason for cleaning your gutters? The possible damage created from clogged gutters is likely to cost exponentially more than the price for cleaning, upgrading or replacing your gutters. 

Popular Methods for Keeping Rain Gutters Clean

Numerous popular and effective ways for keeping your rain gutters clean are available. Some methods involve hiring reputable professional gutter cleaning services. Some simple DIY methods are also potentially effective. Other methods involve purchasing upgrades to parts or all of your current gutter system.

Cleaning your gutters by hand or by using a gutter/leaf tong is one popular DIY method. This method is cost-effective if you are able to do the job safely and to completion on your own. Other DIY methods involve spraying your gutters with water from a garden hose. This method requires strong water pressure and the ability to be on a ladder safely for extended periods of time. Using leaf blowers, wet/dry vacuums, power washers and gutter robots are also popular methods for keeping your rain gutters clean.

Keeping your trees trimmed all year long helps keep your gutters clean. The majority of debris buildup in clogged gutters consists of fallen tree leaves. Be certain to regularly inspect your gutters for proper slope and drainage as well. Is water pooling in your rain gutters? You might need to hire a professional service to have them adjusted or repaired. Upgrading your rain gutter system to include gutter guards, surface tension hoods, rainwater collection and other devices also helps to keep your gutters clean longer and damage/repair costs low.

Upgrade Options

Various types of gutter guards are available to upgrade your rain gutter system today. Raptor by Gutterglove is a popular upgrade option because of its convenient DIY installation options and extensive compatibility with other, larger drainage systems. Mesh screen caps, bottlebrush, nylon and foam-insert gutter guards are popular rain gutter upgrades as well.

Gutter guards are not the only upgrade options available for your rain gutters in . Rain chains are audible upgrades with no safety or protection functions, but they do pleasantly upgrade the way rain water sounds when falling down your gutters. Upgrading your bracket and support systems helps keep your gutters level and draining water properly all year long. Hiring a professional gutter service to apply a powder-coated steel film to your gutters also helps protect them against rust, cracks and other damages.

Popular Gutter Brands

Certain professional gutter installation companies only install gutters and upgrades made by their own company. Other companies such as The Home Depot install the various gutters and upgrade options they also sell. AmeriMax Metal Lock-In Gutter Guard is a popular gutter upgrade option because of the long-lasting powder-coated steel film it uses. Spectra, Frost King and Smart Screen are also popular gutter guard upgrade brands in .

Replacing your gutters affordably and in their entirety is also possible to do in . The popularity of a gutter brand has a lot to do with the type of material used to create it and the installation company in charge of installing it. Some of the most popular gutter brands and installation companies in include: